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Responsible replica weapon ownership will help all of us to enjoy our hobby

As new QLD laws regarding replica gun ownership came into effect on February 1st 2021 (all forms of replica / imitation guns are legal without any license required) it is worth taking into account the responsibilities that come with owning a replica.

Owning any non-firing replica gun in QLD (including pistols, rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns and machine guns) will be legal without any license required if you have a reasonable excuse.

In a nutshell here are some of the legislation details:

· Replica firearms will not be classified as a firearm or category of weapon

· Replica firearms do not require a licence or need to be registered with Weapons Licensing

· A reasonable excuse for having one is for example simply wanting to start a collection / being a collector of replica weapons.

If it’s not a real firearm / was never made as one, then it’s no longer considered to be a firearm in QLD.

QLD Police Weapons Licensing held stakeholder meetings and consultations in the lead up to the changes, and they made it clear the interpretation of ‘reasonable excuse’ is broad. It takes into account militaria collectors, re-enactors and man cave enthusiasts. It was often said that “use and ownership is considered reasonable until you do something unreasonable with it”.

Whilst it is perfectly legal to own a replica / imitation weapon in QLD, ownership comes with a responsibility to display, store and use them responsibly so as not to cause public alarm.

Failure to do so may see you charged by Police with an offence. A replica cannot be taken into / displayed openly in public so as to cause alarm, be pointed at someone without their permission or be represented as a real weapon to commit a crime.

If you are a member of a recognised re-enactment or historical society then carefully consult your organisation’s leadership, group protocols and / or The QLD Police for clarification if planning to use a replica in a display or performance.

Responsible Replica Weapon ownership and usage helps you and the community.


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