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Sabre helping schools with military history workshops and displays.

Sabre helps schools at various times each year with military history displays, workshops and vehicles to help with the history curriculum and also the commemoration of important occasions in Australia’s military history.

On October 31st we always like to have some fun with Halloween, and importantly point out to some High School students that it’s also the date of a famous event in Australian military history, the Charge at Beersheba in 1917. An incredibly brave, decisive and successful action that helped turn the Gaza Beersheba campaign (in what is now Israel) in the Allies favour.

Sabre compiled a collection of original WW1 Australian Light Horse items, as well as German and Turkish artefacts to enable a group of High School students to get hands-on with history and have explained to them aspects of Australia’s military history, and the background to the various artefacts.

We see our interactions with local schools as a small yet important way to help young Australians remember and respect the service of the military. Lest We Forget.


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