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Walther PPK replica by Denix with silencer Australia
Walther PPK Replica by Denix

The ‘James Bond 007’ Walther PPK with silencer

The Walther PPK was designed as a compact German police pistol in the 1920’s, and whilst used widely in WW2 by German forces, is now best known as the onscreen gun of the famous James Bond 007.

Ian Fleming’s famous James Bond books were first brought to the big screen in 1962 with Sean Connery playing Bond in Dr No. In that film Bond is famously asked to hand in his less reliable Beretta for the Walther PPK. It is stated that the weapon jammed on him, putting 007 into hospital for 6 months. The weapon is also used with a Brausch silencer, giving it that classic Bond gun silhouette.

Another explanation offered was that the Beretta had "insufficient stopping power", and that that the Walther is a gun "with a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window."

The Denix replica offers a full size and weight metal reproduction with working action, removable magazine and silencer.

A fun, accurate and yet safe way to bring this famous gun to life for collectors and 007 fans alike.

A quality Denix replica of a Walther PPK pistil with silencer
Walther PPK Replica with Silencer


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