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US Weapons of WW2 by Denix: Great replicas of some truly classic historic small arms.

Famous US weapons of WW2 fill the history books and screens of our favourite old TV shows and movies.

From the good old black and white TV shows like ‘Combat’ with Vic Morrow in the 60’s and 70’s, or more recent works like Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and video games like Call of Duty, these have become iconic weapons.

The real weapons are becoming increasingly hard to find, and in Australia licensing and storage of the real thing quite restrictive indeed. On this basis high quality replicas are a great alternative for collectors, museums, re-enactors or just the man-cave owner.

WW2 US small arms have a great look and also speak to the experiences and achievements of the soldiers and units that used them in Europe and The Pacific.

Denix make some wonderful non-firing replicas of these famous WW2 weapons including:

Colt Government 45 Auto replica pistol

M1 Garand replica rifle

M1 Carbine replica rifle

Thompson 45 sub-machinegun replica

M3 Grease Gun replica


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