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WW2 Battlefield Relics

Relic German WW2 stalhelm with remnant decals and paintwork

By the end of 1945 the battlefields of Western Europe and The Eastern Front were littered with the artefacts and relics of warfare. Many fascinating historical items remained in barns, debris dumps and collapsed trench lines for decades.

In our own collection and periodically in the web store we will feature WW2 battlefield relics. Ours are ethically sourced from reputable diggers and dealers who obtain them as legitimate barn finds and detected debris piles, not from grave locations.

Popular battlefield relics include German WW2 stalhelms and belt buckles, as well as various other badges and decorations that were often buried in batches prior to surrendering at war’s end.

The collecting of battlefield relics that have been recovered from actual battle sites is quite different to seeking the mint collectables, and often appeals to a different profile of collector. Some prefer their items mint whilst others seek those with the actual ‘been there and done that’ history of an actual battle site. Of course some are happy to feature both in a collection.

Relic German WW2 Stalhlem with remnant decal and field made wire cam holder

WW2 Battlefield relics


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