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WW2 history presentation and display for

200 high school students.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

George Santayana.

With those words in mind the Australian education curriculum requires high school students study WW2. Some schools focus on the rise of Third Reich and its symbolism and propaganda.

To assist with bringing the history to life Sabre has assisted in creating an interactive presentation and display of genuine period artefacts (Axis and Allied), many of which the students could get hands-on and engage with.

A tailored set of worksheets were also created to help students match genuine artefacts, books, photo albums, period letters and symbols in the displays to content that they have recently studied.

Accessing these primary sources and artefacts assists students to better understand and interpret history. Sabre is delighted to be able to use our resources to assist and it’s wonderful to utilise militaria to help students learn in this way.


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