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Replica Pistols for Sale Brisbane

Replica Pistols Brisbane

Replica Pistols For Sale In Brisbane


Brisbane has a very healthy history of militaria trading and also the relatively free sale, collecting and display of replica pistols and other replica  weapons of all forms.

After all, a non-firing replica pistol in Brisbane is quite sensibly considered to be a non-firearm by QLD legislation and QLD Police weapons licensing.   In fact, all non-firing replica / imitation weapons are legal without license in QLD.


Private museums and also public displays such as RSL Clubs will often make use of replica pistols and replica rifles in place of the real thing for safe display.  A large number of re-enactment groups also exist in Queensland who creatively integrate replica weapons and guns into their performances and encampments.


The sale of replica pistols in Brisbane has also been healthy for many years as thankfully Queensland, like Western Australia, allows replica pistols and rifles to be legally owned and responsibly displayed without license.


This freedom also allows for the sale of replica pistols to enthusiasts and collectors for their own militaria displays or simply as a cool talking piece in a man cave.


The sale of replica guns in Brisbane to film and television productions also needs to be taken into account, as a replica pistol or replica rifle makes a very safe prop on set that looks and feels just like the real thing.


Sabre is delighted to sell replica pistols from South East Queensland via our online store to customers in Queensland and also to Western Australia.

Sabre is delighted to be a Gold Coast based internet store / seller of replica guns to customers in Queensland and Western Australia where they can be legally owned and responsibly displayed.


Amongst the wide range of replica guns available for sale from our Gold Coast based internet store are:


Replica Luger Pistol


Replica Walther PPK Pistol


Replica Beretta 92 Pistol


Replica Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistol


Replica Colt 1911 Pistol


Replica Colt .45 Single Action Army Pistol

Replica Pistol Brisbane
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