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Replica Pistols for Sale Gold Coast

Replica Pistols Gold Coast
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Replica Pistols For Sale Gold Coast


Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast has been the epicentre of replica pistol and replica gun sales since the 1970’s.  


The fact that Queensland still allows all forms of non-firing replica weapons to be owned without a license makes it a far friendlier place to be a collector, re-enactor of filmmaker wishing to possess a harmless replica pistol.


Replica pistols can in theory be easily acquired from numerous retail outlets, gun shows and from militaria dealers in Queensland.


You will also see replica pistols responsibly displayed in public and private museums, man-caves and at RSL Clubs and Sub-Branches helping to preserve Australia’s military heritage.  It’s wonderful to have Police and Government attitudes that recognise the fact that replica weapons can be owned and displayed by law-abiding collectors.


QLD based re-enactment groups also make clever use of replica guns in their displays and encampments at living history events.


Sabre is delighted to be a Gold Coast based internet store / seller of replica guns to customers in Queensland and Western Australia where they can be legally owned and responsibly displayed.


Amongst the wide range of replica guns available for sale from our Gold Coast based internet store are:


Replica Luger Pistol


Replica Walther PPK Pistol


Replica Beretta 92 Pistol


Replica Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistol


Replica Colt 1911 Pistol


Replica Colt .45 Single Action Army Pistol

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