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Replica Pistols for Sale Western Australia

Replica Pistols WA and Perth

Replica Pistols For Sale Western Australia


Sabre sells and ships replica / imitation pistols to our clients in Western Australia.  


Replica pistols for sale in Western Australia, including Perth, just as with QLD, are legal without having to obtain any license, but naturally require very sensible use and display by their owners.


Those seeking to buy replica guns can be grateful that the Western Australian Government and Police alike still see the collecting and use of replica weapons in a responsible manner a safe hobby and pursuit.


For decades replica guns have been sold in Western Australia for private and public museums seeking safe alternatives to real guns, as well as for historical re-enactment groups and private enthusiasts.


Many people buy replica pistols or replica rifles to compliment an interest in military heritage, or simply as a great talking piece for a man cave.


Sabre is delighted to stock a wide range of replica pistols and replica rifles from world-renowned maker Denix that we can legally post to anyone in Western Australia.


Sabre is an established online seller of Militaria and reseller of Denix products and replica weapons.

Sabre is delighted to offer an internet store of replica guns to customers in Queensland and Western Australia where they can be legally owned and responsibly displayed.


Amongst the wide range of replica guns available for sale from our Gold Coast based internet store are:


Replica Luger Pistol


Replica Walther PPK Pistol


Replica Beretta 92 Pistol


Replica Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistol


Replica Colt 1911 Pistol


Replica Colt .45 Single Action Army Pistol

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