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Replica Weapons (Pistols and Rifles) for Sale Australia

Replica Weapons Australia

Replica Guns and Weapons For Sale In Australia


In Australia a wide range of Replica Weapons are available from a variety of online and shopfront retailers depending upon what State you live in.


Arguably the best replica weapons (both replica pistols and replica rifles) are supplied by Denix of Spain.  Their range encompasses everything from 17th century flintlocks to WW2 replica weapons such as Lugers, Colts, Walthers and also a variety of current era weaponry.


Typically replica pistols and replica rifles in Australia have been bought for a variety of reasons including militaria collecting, historical re-enactment, for a man cave or for a film production.


Replica weapons by Denix are safe, non-firing items that whilst they look, feel and weigh the same as the real thing cannot be used to fire ammunition.  They even have metal working actions that cock and allow magazines to eb removed like the real thing.


Whilst rules and regulations vary greatly across Australia for what replica weapons you can own, whether they need to be licensed or not etc, one thing is for sure, check before you buy.


Amongst the wide range of replica guns available for sale from our Gold Coast based internet store are:


Replica Luger Pistol


Replica Walther PPK Pistol


Replica Beretta 92 Pistol


Replica Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistol


Replica Colt 1911 Pistol


Replica Colt .45 Single Action Army Pistol

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