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Replica pistols and rifles can legally be sold and owned in both Queensland and Western Australia without the need for special license or permit.

There is naturally a legal responsibility placed upon the owner to ensure that any replica gun that they buy being used and displayed responsibly so as not to cause public alarm.

For many years private and public museums, collectors, historical re-enactment groups and filmmakers have been able to make safe use of replica weapons in place of the real thing in these States.

There are also many private collectors who buy replica guns in QLD and WA purely as an interesting display or talking piece in a man cave. A replica weapon provides a same size and weight, yet far safer version than a real firing weapon.

Replica gun enthusiasts in QLD and WA can be very thankful their Governments and Police Departments see the ownership and use of a replica pistol or replica rifle as a legitimate hobby.

The range of replica weapons made by popular Spanish maker Denix is huge, and we can also post these to any customer in Western Australia and Queensland.

Sabre is delighted to stock a wide range of replica pistols and replica rifles from world-renowned maker Denix that we can legally post to anyone in QLD and Western Australia.

Sabre is an established online seller of Militaria and reseller of Denix products and replica weapons based in QLD.


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