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DENIX Replica Guns and Replica Weapons For Sale Australia

Denix replica guns and weapons for sale Australia
Denix Replica Guns for sale Australia

Denix replica guns and weapons are non-firing reproductions of classic firearms.  A safer alternative to collect and display than the real thing.

Denix Replica Guns / Denix Replica Weapons For Sale Australia


Sabre is proud to stock and sell quality Denix Replica guns and weapons as collectables and display items for all types of enthusiast. Sabre can sell replica guns to clients in Queensland and Western Australia.


The Denix Company of Spain have been manufacturing high quality replica weapons since 1966, starting initially with replica antique swords and firearms, now diversifying into replica weapons of virtually all eras.


Denix like to say that they ‘build small moments of history so that you can enjoy collecting them’.  Denix replica guns adorn private collections and museums world-wide as well as appearing in virtually every recent war movie or series as realistic and faithful reproductions of the real things.


Denix does not sell directly to the public, rather they supply their network of official distributors and re-sellers like us.


Constant innovation and research by Denix constantly produces improvements to existing models, and also results in new models on the drawing boards for enthusiasts and collectors of replica weapons.  Their state of the art manufacturing facility in Europe does a wonderful job with metals and timbers to bring these replica guns to life.

Our range of Replica Guns for Sale in QLD (and also to WA clients) includes:


Replica Pistols For Sale Australia:


Replica 9mm Browning Hi-Power (widely used military service pistol)


Replica Luger (iconic German WW2 pistol)


Replica Walther PPK (German WW2 sidearm, and famously the gun of James Bond 007)


Replica C96 Mauser Broom Handle (classic WW1 German pistol)


Replica Colt .45 Single Action Army (Western 6 Shooter)


Replica Rifles For Sale Australia:


Replica .303 Lee Enfield SMLE (WW1 and WW2 British battle rifle)


Replica M1 Carbine (compact WW2 US Rifle)


Replica K98 Mauser (WW2 German battle rifle)


Replica M1 Garand (US WW2 battle rifle)


Replica Assault Rifles For Sale In Australia

(stocking in 2021):


Replica AK47 (the famous Soviet assault rifle)


Replica StG44 / MP44 (innovative WW2 German assault rifle)


Replica M16 A1 (ground-breaking US assault rifle of the Vietnam War)


Replica Sub Machine Guns For Sale In Australia

(stocking in 2021):


Replica MP40 (iconic German infantry weapon of WW2)


Replica Thompson / Tommy Gun (US .45 ACP weapon of Gangster and WW2 fame)


Replica Sten Gun (British WW2 infantry SMG)


Replica PPsH (Soviet WW2 submachine gun)


Replica M41 Grease Gun (US military SMG of WW2 and Korea)

Before buying a replica weapon of any form it is critical to do your homework and ensure that you are in 100% compliance with your own State’s laws first.


With that in mind here are the websites and contacts to check before you buy.  Happy Collecting.




ACT: 02  6256 7747, /


NSW: 1300 362 562, /


NT: 08 8922 3541, /


QLD: 07 3015 7777, /


SA: 08 8204 2495, /


TAS: 03 6230 2720, /


VIC: 1300 651 645, /


WA: 08 9223 7000, /

Denix replica weapon and gun factory
Denix replica gun and weapon factory in Europe
Denix replica gun factory
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